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50s Eames era CHERNER Plycraft PRETZEL arm CHAIR
This item SOLD on 4/4/2009 for $795.00

You are bidding on the earliest production of the NORMAN CHERNER Plycraft version of the Pretzel chair this is the cleanest best condition one we have ever offered , no separation to layers , retains the clear foot caps and the rare Bernardo label (means is was made 1959 or 1960 ....see full explanation later in description ) the only thing worth mentioning is a tiny area of old professional restoration on the BACK rim as shown ( a small flat nip to outer layer appears to have been filled in at some point) this fine example is not scratched or scuffed fact it looks like it rarely ever got sat on I am watching current listings and completed ones ( all are selling in the 800 range) ....and no offense...but I can't even tell what some of them actually look like in person ..... because the "who can win the best photoshop competition " is running rampant on ebay these days ..... to the point where white shiny pretty picture glare is winning over reality ... we don't know about you other folks , but when we bid on something on line , we want to see the actual merch ... not a image that looks like a magazine ad anyways ...the chair measures 31 1/8" tall 25" wide, 20 1/4" deep we can ship this cheaper by Greyhound Bus ...85 flat rate pick it up at the bus station near you ..... there are insurance limitations after a certain distance (we are in Michigan) .... but we package very well and have never had a problem using this shipping method ... in 9 1/2 years if you want it shipped via UPS the shipping will be higher and you will pay full insured shipping the chair is being shipped whole the below is a portion of a newspaper article which will better explain why our chair has the rare early production "Bernardo" label "You see that plywood chair down there, well, it was created in 1958 by the American designer, Norman Cherner (1920- 1986) Commissioned by Paul Goldman, the previous year, Goldman's company, Plycraft, had been engaged to make George Nelson's loop-backed Pretzel Chair for Herman Miller Sadly, this charming- but-costly chair was discontinued and Goldman was left holding the expensive tooling On George Nelson's recommendation, Cherner was asked to design a similar chair using the same machinery Cherner signed a contract and delivered his designs, only to be told that the project was off A few months later, he was dismayed to discover his chair for sale in New York !!!!! According to the label it was made by Plycraft and designed by "Bernardo" In 1961 Cherner took Plycraft to court, where Goldman admitted his deception (Bernardo was apparently a figment of his publicity team's imagination) Still, designer royalty battles not being big news, few people noticed and for years Goldman himself (who died in 2003 ) was spuriously credited with the chair's design we have also seen the early ones with fictitious Mulhauser labels , and Mulhauser did not design this chair ...CHERNER did THANKS FOR LOOKING for those who cannot make contact with seller within ebays alotted 3 day period, or pay within our alotted 8 day period, we ask that you do not place a bid ...Thank You for abiding this fair request that ebay has unfairly changed its feedback policy, sorry but our only recourse is to report non paying bidders on day 9 Please DO NOT remit ANY FORM OF PAYMENT until you receive the PROPER total with insured shipping.....DIRECTLY FROM US ..... (which often times is less than the calculator says) .... we will not ship any item until we have had personal contact with the buyer via emails folks we are not robots over here, communication means a lot to us ...and is important in all forms of relationships ! THANKS FOR TAKING THE TIME TO ACTUALLY READ THIS .. & READ OUR FEEDBACK as well ...we are 1 of the GOOD GUYS .... THIS ITEM CAN ONLY BE SHIPPED within the lower 48 of the U.S.A ; we do NOT accept Paypal...... The LONG and WINDING ROAD of SMALL PRINT a LOT of HONEST SELLERS like us are concerned about the Ebay "rating game" those little stars they ask you click ...well those are important as to our seller "scores" .....and if they are judged unfairly ...they harm the excellent reputation that we strived so hard to obtain and retain 2 of those "stars" are affiliated with things that WE HAVE NO CONTROL OVER #1 being shipping costs..... and # 2 being shipping time so ...... ...... WE ASK YOU PLEASE ...... think before you place your rating concerning postals costs and shipping time ....and PLEASE not leave an unfair score concerning that shipping time or shipping costs (we charge exact post ....if any packaging supply costs are added, they are mentioned in each individual listing) as we said .....................these are issues we have no control over ............................................ ...... if you want an item in a hurry ...let us know ...........then pay us in a timely manner .......its that simple ***** if anybody actually read the above....Thank You so much for taking the time, and Thank You for understanding our concerns ****** #1: After the auction: BUYER IS EXPECTED TO MAKE CONTACT WITHIN 3 DAYS OF AUCTIONS ENDâ?¦BUYER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR PAYMENT WITHIN 9 DAYS OF AUCTIONS END; Ebay is our livelihood and we take it very seriously; we ask only that you treat our auctions as you would any respectable place of business, and we will do the same for you! #1a: ALL SHIPPING QUESTIONS MUST BE ASKED 24 HOURS OR MORE PRIOR TO END OF AUCTION in order to insure you receive a reply , Thank You #2: this item is being sent GREYHOUND BUS unless other arrangements are made with the buyer prior to auctions end #3: we DO NOT accept Paypal #4: STORAGE: ANY extra LARGE ITEMS (furniture) NOT PICKED UP AFTER 30 DAYS OF AUCTIONS END WILL NO LONGER BE OUR RESPONSIBILITY, UNLESS ARRANGEMENTS ARE MADE WITH THE BUYER , PRIOR TO OR IMMEDIATELY AFTER PURCHASE IS MADE, if you cannot abide by this fair request, we ask that you do not bid. These items in question will be donated, discarded at the loss of the irresponsible purchaser #4a: We do Not allow local pick up except for extremely LARGE items like furniture , sorry ...we do not have a shop , we sell only on ebay and at auction houses, not out of our home ......... #5 : REFUND POLICY: PLEASE EMAIL WITH ANY QUESTIONS ; WE SELL VINTAGE, NOT NEW , vintage items, are just that .... vintage....and are not going to be mint , because there is no such thing as mint when something is 25 - 75 years young ! AS ALWAYS, WE DO OUR BEST TO ACCURATELY DESCRIBE OUR ITEMS CONDITION, THE ITEMS WE SELL ARE ALL PREVIOUSLY OWNED and USED ;SO....EVERYTHING IS SOLD AS IS, WITH NO RETURNS ...... and WE DO NOT GIVE PARTIAL REFUNDS therefore ........ Please feel free to ASK ANY questions !! THIS MEANS ASK ABOUT COLOR , SHAPE, any particular details concerning CONDITIONâ?¦ we will respond A.S.A.P We are always more than happy to help with further description in any manner possible don't wait till the auction is over ..... ASK NOW ....ask BEFORE YOU BID #6 : WE TREASURE OUR POWERSELLER STATUS and ALL OF OUR DEVOTED REPEAT CUSTOMERS , we especially THANK each and every one of you ; and everyone who has ever purchased an item from us over the last NINE + YEARS ......... its been a blast and hopefully will continue to be for many more years to come !

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